A Christmas crafts for children paper plate angel to top your Christmas tree

Let this Christmas crafts for children paper plate angel be the topping on your Christmas tree.Paper plates are a common household item, especially at Christmas time. Once the presents have been opened and you have enjoyed a meal with family and friends, why not use a few unused paper plates for children love to have something to keep them busy at this time of year. This angel can be used as a tree or table decoration. Remember to take a picture of your crafty creation.

You will need: Paper plate, big size; Glue; Gold or silver pipe cleaner; Doilies, big or small; Printed pattern; Scissors; Gold or silver glitter glue; Gold or silver ribbon; Stapler, and; Pencil and eraser. Method: 1. Print and cut out the pattern and face of the paper plate angel. 2. Place the cut out pattern on the paper plate and trace around it with the pencil, leaving a line to cut out on the paper plate.

3. Cut out the angel pattern on the paper plate and cut out the same pattern on the big doilies.

4. Glue the cut out big or small doily on the on the cut out paper plate angel.

5. Cut out the face of the angel and glue it down.

6. Cut a 10cm piece from the pipe cleaner and glue it round the top of the angel head as a halo.

7. Decorate the wings and dress of the angel with glitter glue and ribbons.

8. Leave to dry.

9. Fold the two points of the dress round the back so they overlap and staple them together.

10. Attach the Christmas crafts for children paper plate angel to the top of your Christmas tree or put it on your mantelpiece as a fine Christmas decoration.

Watch faces light up when they see the glittering golden angel adorning your tree. Your face will glow just as brightly as you admire your handiwork too.

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